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I would like to give as a gift a Parma Ham: Could You help me, please?
We have studied the best way to dress the entire ham, or portion of ham, in a practical and smart style, making it a prestigious gift.
Here are some ideas…. Gtp S.a.s. provides us their experience!
We can suggest personalized solutions to meet all of your needs.

The lines of GTP are five:
four lines for cured ham (CLASSIC LINE - HIGH DELICATESSEN LINE - NATURAL LINE - DELICIOUS LINE) and one line for the CULATTA.
For more information, please, visit the web site GTP S.a.s.

Here are some ideas……
Parma Ham - Classic Line Parma Ham - High Delicatessen LineParma Ham - Delicious Line
Usually the Parma Ham is packed in the CLASSIC LINE box of Parma, but the HIGH DELICATESSEN LINE or DELICIOUS LINE boxes are also perfect.
In this way your gift shows its high quality.
The box may contain ham weighting 9-10kg.
National Ham - High Delicatessen LineNational Ham - Delicious Line
The National Ham can be packed both in the box of the HIGH DELICATESSEN LINE and the DELICIOUS LINE.
The box may contain ham weighting 8-9kg.
Boneless Parma Ham - Classic Line Boneless pear shaped Parma Ham - High Delicatessen Line
The boneless Parma Ham in two versions.
It can be packed in the box of Parma boneless of the CLASSIC LINE, because it is slightly smaller than Parma with bone.
It can be packed in both the box of Parma with bone of the CLASSIC LINE and the HIGH DELICATESSEN LINE.
Halved Parma Ham - Classic Line Halved Parma Ham - High Delicatessen LineHalved Parma Ham - Delicious LineHalved Parma Ham - Natural Line
The half Parma Ham can be packed in the box for half ham of the CLASSIC LINE but also in the box of the DELICIOUS LINE and the NATURAL LINE.
These boxes can contain half ham weighting about 4/5 kg.
Culatello - Culatta Line
The box of the CULATTA LINE is recommended to pack a CULATTA weighting about 5/6 kg.
It's a box with a smart shape and elegant and refined graphics, perfectly suited to the product which it contains.